Most sanding is now dust- free sanding.  Dust- free means the machine used for sanding has a hose that is connected to a tailor where the dust is collected.  Dust- free does not mean 100% of the dust is gone.  It collects about 95% of the dust though.  Imagine you have not dusted for two weeks.  

There are several types of sanding & finishing:

- Resand and existing hardwood

- Sand new hardwood

- Buff & coat

- Rubio Monocoat

Sample schedule for refinishing & staining 600 ft/2 with water-semi gloss:

Day 1 - Sand & stain
Day 2- Seal
Day 3- 1st coat of polyurethane
Day 4- 2nd coat of polyurethane and install new shoemold

Sample schedule for Rubio Monocoat 600 ft/2:

Day 1- Sand
Day 2- Stain

**there is not an exact science to scheduling so this is subject to change based on many factors**

Bona DriFast Stain colors can be mixed to create your perfect color as well.